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Web development

Our main specialization is the creation of exclusive web sites. While developing we use modern technologies, offer optimal solutions and we are ready to share our ideas with you. Web development includes several stages, which can vary for different projects.

We provide the full cycle of web development from the discussion of the project to launching it. Our company also provides website maintenance, promotion, and audit.

Discussing a project

At this stage, the manager and the client identify the goal of the project, its structure, its type, the best ways of communication and cooperation.

Designing a project

The choice of the design is based on the current trends, functionality, and wishes of the customer. After that, we work on the details of every page.

Technical realisation

This stage is final for small projects. The design is installed into the content management system and the website is launched.

However, developing large projects can demand making out technical requirement, creating a prototype and planning technical architecture of the project.

IT consulting

The area of Information technologies is very wide, it can be difficult to find your way in it, that is why sometimes it is better to consult specialists. We are ready to consult you and to help you organize software development.

IT consulting is necessary when a client or investor has an idea of a project (portal, CRM system, mobile or computer application).

Technical specification

Every project begins with the specification, where the main objective is written. The interaction of users of the system is considered, the technical base, which will form the basis and other components of the project are defined.

Mind Map

Mind Map is a diagram which is formed for representation of the technical architecture of the system, display of interaction of essence of the project, and also for structuring and visual representation of other data.


The prototype is a model of the future project with all pages or screens, that you can find in the technical specification and Mind Map. The static prototype can be transformed into an interactive one. It helps to estimate the efficiency of the project without its costs for final development.

Addressing a specialist for a consultation will help you to considerably reduce the time and costs of the realization of your ideas.